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Published: 02nd November 2010
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The Celtic tattoo is very popular amongst a vast majority of people. The Celts are the ancient native people whose origin is in Europe. The Celtic tattoo is classed as one of the most attractive designs and it is good for males as well as females. Different Celtic signs are now used as tattoos. Celtic tattoos are not complex and yet very beautiful. They come in different types and designs. The following are example of Celtic tattoo designs: The Celtic Knot tattoo design, Celtic cross tattoo, Celtic spiral tattoo and the exclusive tattoos containing designs of animals and plants.

The most common of them all is the Celtic Knot tattoo design and they form the basis of the Celtic tattoo. The Celtic knot tattoo is the symbol of infinity and looking at one, you will notice it is designed in such a way to extend towards infinity. Celtic tattoos can be designed and combined with other tattoo which gives the completed tattoo an exquisite and beautiful look. It can also be used as a border around another tattoo design.

The Celtic cross tattoo design is very popular, especially amongst Christians. Those who are tattooed with this design symbolize their faith towards Christianity in this way. This is one meaning of this type of tattoo but there are other meanings as well. The two lines of the Cross in the horizontal and vertical direction are a symbol of stability towards the two opposite powers.

Another favorite Celtic tattoo is the Celtic armband tattoo which is smaller in size and also very attractive. There are different types of designs in Celtic Armband tattoos which are flowers, hearts, snakes, spirals etc. So, nothing stops you from creating your own design by mixing and matching the designs.

The Celtic Butterfly tattoo design is very common amongst women and they do differ from the traditional butterfly tattoo. In the Celtic Butterfly tattoo, the Butterfly tattoo design is in fusion with the Celtic Knot tattoo. Traditionally the Celtic tattoo was made of just one basic color, but with the Celtic Butterfly tattoo more colors are used to make the tattoo more attractive and revealing. A perfect place to show off this tattoo is on the lower back of women.

Celtic tattoos, which possess the images of animals, are also very popular. They include the pictures of creatures like lions, birds, snake, dragons, lizards and spiders etc. The book of Kells is the most important source of the Celtic tattoo design which belonged to the medieval times. This book forms the basis of the Celtic tattoo designs which is loved by so many nowadays. If you have decided to get a Celtic tattoo then ensure it is mixed with different colors to give your tattoo that amazing and exquisite look.

The internet has lots of Celtic tattoo designs to choose from. When deciding on a tattoo, ask the opinion of friends and colleagues to help you choose. You have to give it a lot of thought before getting your body inked, as this is for life. Please seek the help of a professional tattoo artist who knows best and donít forget, please check out the medical aspects involved before getting yourself inked.

Auth Bio: Estelle Petersen is a Body art enthusiast who specializes in tattoos and other arts.

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